We’re A Specialty Colombian Coffee Bean Supplier

We’re a specialist Colombian coffee bean supplier directly serving cafes and roasters throughout the world who want the very best direct trade coffee. Our spirit of adventure and discovery enables us to source the best green coffee Colombia has to offer. And working with an incredible network of local farmers, cooperatives and logistics partners means we can deliver a seamless farm to cup experience.

In addition to our wholesale green and roasted coffee bean services, we also provide our customers with complementary marketing and consultancy. And since we source everything directly upon order, we can even provide customized photos and videos that tell the origin story of your coffee, complete with your own branding.

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Whether you’re an artisanal roaster or a major retailer, we can provide the quantity and quality to fulfill any order.

Those Coffee Perks- Enjoy Your Benefits!

Receive additional benefits once you reach new membership levels, such as exclusive discounts, enhanced customer service access, and personalization of your order.

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Committed to socially sustainable direct trade coffee

We don't consume coffee in the same ways that our grandparents did so why are people still sourcing it like them?

Those Coffee People take a unique approach to source the most remarkable green coffee beans for the modern day roasters and importers

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