About Us

We don’t consume coffee in the same ways that our grandparents did so why are people still sourcing it like them?

About Us

We don’t consume coffee in the same ways that our grandparents did so why are people still sourcing it like them?


We don’t consume coffee in the same ways that our grandparents did so why are people still sourcing it like them?

Those Coffee People take a unique approach to source the most remarkable green coffee beans for the modern day roasters and importers by :

We know that coffee is a story, and we are here to help you make your story extraordinary.

Our offices are located at El Ecosistema del Cafe MDE, the hub of Impact. Impact is a community of independent projects in the coffee supply chain including farms, cherry centers, roasteries, cafes and Those Coffee People as the exporting and commercialization arm, amongst others. We have specialized experts that can assist with every stage of every model, giving us the chance to offer end-to-end services related to specialty coffee.

Where we have supplied our coffee beans

Those Coffee People are a trusted specialty coffee supplier for small businesses and other companies and have exported to clients across 21 countries on 6 continents. Next, let’s add your country’s flag to the map!


A perfect farm to cup experience



“For us, Those Coffee People is a great ally, they share our same passion for coffee. They have provided a transparent and equitable business model, giving a lot of value to our work and coffee. This has allowed that many people from different cultures and countries get to know not only our beans but also us, as people, allowing them to get closer to the passion we have for everything around coffee. For us they are a great ally.”

– Paula from Finca Santa Elena.

“Working with Those Coffee People has been a very important advantage for us because we count on them to carry new processes in the farm. We don’t depend on an international price, we have a different added value, they pay us really good, we know they are counting on us for the coffee we deliver and they have been key for the transformation that the farm has been going through in the last years.”

– Manuel from Finca Las Brisas.

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Elkin from Tamesis about us

“As coffee growers today we are fulfilling a dream: to put our coffee on the international market. This thanks to Those Coffee People, with this alliance we have managed to improve the quality of life of our families, since they pay us coffee at fair prices. Every day we are determined to improve our processes on the farm since we do not have to worry about commercialization.”

– Elkin from Támesis.

“For Proyecto Renacer, working with Those Coffee People has meant evolution, since by integrating with Those Coffee People, we have been able to focus our efforts on where we really know how to add value: The development of new coffees. Now we don’t make efforts to find new customers or open new markets but in developing new coffees for customers and markets that our allies Those Coffee People have managed to develop. This has made it possible for us to invest our resources and efforts in our benefit processes and in our community, at the same time, that we are improving our sale prices.”

– Cristian from Finca La Sierra.

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ESebastian from Angostura, Colombia - Noth Carolina USA - about-us

“Honestly we are very grateful with Those Coffee People because they made our dream came true. We tried to bring our coffee to USA for five years and we were having issues with the direct trade. Those Coffee People helped us with all the process, they even tried the coffee and checked everything was adequate to be able to export it well. We are so happy with them, with Jennifer, Daniel and everyone in the team and we are looking forward to keep working with them in the future. ”

– Sebastián from Angostura, Colombia / North Carolina, USA.


We know that coffee is a story and we’re here to help make your story extraordinary. We set up Those Coffee People with the mission to make wholesale coffee exports as easy as possible. Find out more about our story here.

Jennifer from those coffee people about-us


Director of Global Business Development

Connecticut, USA

Jennifer is an international economist with work experience in North America, South America, East Africa, Southeast Asia, Europe and the Middle East. She received her MBA from IDRAC Ecole Superieure de Commerce in Lyon, France and is heading Those Coffee People’s international business development.

andres from those coffee people about-us


Director of National Growth

Medellin, Colombia

Andres is a tenacious young entrepreneur with generations of knowledge of the coffee trade passed down through his family’s experiences and Those Coffee People’s Director of National Growth. With a degree in Engineering, he the leader of operations in Colombia, producer relations, and all-around problem-solver extraordinaire.