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The Buyer’s Guide to Premium Colombian Green Coffee

Coffee has been integral to Colombian life for centuries. The fertile lands and year-round consistent climate that the country is blessed with means it produces some of the world’s best coffee. In this guide to exporting premium coffee from Colombia we’ll explain the incredible variety the country has to offer and what international buyers need to know when sourcing premium coffee from Colombia.


Following the huge growth in specialty coffee, more and more growers are moving away from FNC guidelines and are now developing their own farm-specific profiles. The country’s volcanic soils and temperate climates enable farmers to grow rich coffee profiles: medium to full-bodied, with vivid acidity, sweet notes, and citric fruits. 

These growers are now supported by a large network of small and medium-sized Colombian coffee export partners, including Those Coffee People, who are helping them showcase their incredible variety to buyers across the world.    

Here’s What’s In Our Guide:

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 Also Included in the Ebook is:

  • What defines specialty coffee
  • The factors that impact the quality of green coffee
  • Why Colombia is the best coffee region 
  • Why your own taste and senses should guide your purchase
  • Importation guides for multiple countries

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