The Ultimate Guide to Buying Wholesale Coffee Bags

Updated January 29, 2024

Buying Coffee Bags Wholesale? Read this Rundown First

Buying wholesale is an easy choice for any business, but when it comes to coffee, the benefits are endless. Whether you’re a small cafe or restaurant owner on the hunt for wholesale roasted coffee beans, a roastery looking to buy green coffee in bulk and roast it yourself, or simply a budding coffee entrepreneur who can’t start their day without the perfect brew, exploring wholesale options can be a valuable strategy.

Before you take that first step into the world of wholesale, allow us to talk you through the intricacies, benefits, and price options for buying coffee bags wholesale. So settle down, pour yourself your favorite coffee and keep reading so we can help you make an informed decision. 

Why Buy Coffee Bags Wholesale?

Though it can sometimes involve a little more research and some shopping around, buying wholesale coffee beans can save you money, time, and help the environment! We’ll tell you more about this in the next section. 

Instead, for now let’s explore why suppliers opt to go down the wholesale route. Firstly, it’s important to note that broadly speaking, coffee suppliers can be divided into two different categories; direct from origin and indirect suppliers. 

Direct from origin coffee bean suppliers will mostly only sell coffee bags wholesale because of the extra costs involved in shipping coffee from coffee-producing countries to other parts of the world. What the average customer isn’t aware of, however, is that there are myriad different factors that can impact the price of wholesale coffee at origin:

  1. Internal price: The most important variable. If the season’s coffee harvest is bad because of unfavorable climatic conditions or pests, this can increase coffee prices at origin which will reflect in wholesale prices. 
  2. Logistics: Another factor to bear in mind is the price of transporting coffee beans from coffee farms, which are often remote, to cities large enough to transport the beans to their final destination.
  3. Volume: As we’ll soon find out, the more wholesale coffee beans you buy, the lower the overall per-unit purchase price. 
  4. Exchange rate: Another important and changeable factor when buying coffee from abroad is the exchange rate of local currency to the dollar, which can often fluctuate either in or out of the customer’s favor.
  5. Exporting operation: Depending on shipping costs and fees, taxes, and insurance in the country of origin, exporting coffee can be more expensive in some countries than others.

Find out more about importing coffee beans into the US here.

The Benefits of Buying Coffee Wholesale

Buying coffee bags wholesale can be both a strategic and lucrative decision for your business for many reasons. We break them down for you below. 

  1. Save money

Buying wholesale coffee beans in large quantities can mean a much lower per-unit price than if you were to buy it in small amounts. Though it can sometimes be difficult to assume these kinds of large costs up front, this strategy can ultimately improve your profit margins in the long term. Not only does buying wholesale work out to be cheaper, it is also a way of reducing shipping costs for your business, because ordering large quantities of coffee bags means shipping per kilo on wholesale coffee can be less. 

  1. Build Impactful Relationships 

Some wholesale coffee suppliers have direct relationships with coffee farms that comply with environmental, social, and economic sustainability measures. This means that their farming methods aim to preserve and protect the environment, that they focus on worker well-being, and ensure that the farm’s economic activities are focused on growth, financial stability, and maximizing the efficient use of resources. Those Coffee People impact all three of these measures when working with our partner farms. 

  1. Efficiency & Supply Security

When buying coffee in small quantities from an indirect source, there is no guarantee that the supply you need for your coffee business will be available when you need it. Ordering from a trusted wholesaler, on the other hand, is a great way to ensure you always have a steady supply of coffee to prevent you from running out. This buying method also means you can avoid wastage because having your own supply of coffee beans means you can control how they are stored, and therefore their freshness. 

Here at Those Coffee People, one of our top tips for keeping your beans fresh is to store the coffee bags in a cool, dry place, with good airflow. We recommend never storing bags directly on the floor, but instead on top of pallets or another item of furniture that will elevate them and guarantee airflow underneath. The beans will then be ready for roasting at your convenience! 

How to Buy Coffee Wholesale?

As we mentioned above, coffee suppliers can generally be divided into two different categories; direct from origin and indirect suppliers. Buying from either type of supplier is generally very straightforward, but there are a few factors you’ll need to consider first. 

  1. Green or Roasted Coffee?

One of the first decisions you’ll need to make when thinking about buying coffee bags wholesale is whether you’re looking to buy green coffee beans and roast them yourself, or beans that are freshly roasted upon order and arrive ready for grinding. If you choose to buy wholesale roasted beans, you’ll need to pick a roast level — light, medium, medium-dark, dark, or multiple different roasts.

Professional coffee cupping for quality control
  1. Quantity

You’ll also need to arrange the total amount of coffee beans you’re hoping to buy, and this will involve some quick calculations to ensure you’re buying the correct quantity to guarantee a profit margin for your business. Green coffee can then be divided between large burlap coffee sacks or roasted coffee between bags that hold from 100 grams – 2.5 kilos. 

  1. Shipping

Your wholesale provider will organize the logistics of your delivery depending on the size of your order. 

  • Micro orders under 500kg will usually be sent by courier such as FedEx and small orders of up to 1,500kg can be sent either by courier or air freight. 
  • Medium orders of between 1,500 and 3,000kg will usually travel by LCL sea shipment (less than a container load).
  • Large orders of 3,000kg or more tend to be sent by FCL sea shipment (a full container load). 

Some wholesale suppliers will have large minimum order values that won’t be appropriate for smaller coffee businesses, so make sure to ask about this beforehand.

  1. Coffee Type/ Variety 

One of the last decisions you’ll need to make revolves around the different varieties of coffee you’re ordering. Green coffee is cheaper to order wholesale, but you’ll have to factor in roasting, labor, and overhead costs on the other end. When it comes to roasted coffee, washed varieties are generally less expensive. Prices then increase as coffees become more exclusive, such as special processed or fermented coffee, which is sold at a higher price.

When buying wholesale coffee bags directly from origin, look for a supplier with the required export licenses to support international trade. Ask all about the farms they’re sourcing coffee from to ensure that you’re getting the best quality beans, picked by farmers who are employed under fair and ethical working conditions. 

Here at Those Coffee People, we make buying coffee bags wholesale, direct from origin fun and easy. Use our purchasing tool to select your coffee, roast, packaging, upload your label, and submit your order — all in one place! 

How Much Does Wholesale Coffee Cost?

The price range for wholesale coffee beans varies from supplier to supplier, but we’ll stick to our Those Coffee People prices here to give you a frame of reference we can be sure of. For green coffee beans, depending on the variety, prices start at around $5.25 per kilo for traditional washed coffee and go up to $53 per kilo for exotic varieties such as Wush Wush.

For roasted coffee beans, prices start at $11 per kilo for our signature Ciudad Bolivar premium washed coffee and can go up to $75 for our most expensive Wush Wush variety. 

All our wholesale orders have a minimum order weight of 10 kilos, equivalent to a minimum batch in our roasting machine. You can either split this between four 2.5kg coffee bags, 10 bags of 1kg each, or distribute the coffee beans by measurements in pounds. Shipping is calculated at check out and is based on total order weight.

Our white label coffee, roasted fresh to order, also includes the option to choose a coffee variety, roast level, whole bean or ground, coffee bag packaging, and the quantity and size of bags.

Closing Thoughts

In summary, buying coffee bags wholesale has numerous advantages, including but not limited to keeping your business efficient, eco friendly, and profitable. We hope these insights inspire you to stock up and start selling! 

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