Discover the farms and meet the producers who grow some of the best green coffee beans Colombia has to offer

Connecting International Coffee Professionals and Farmers

We connect farmers in Colombia’s famed coffee region with buyers, roasters, retailers and coffee shop owners across the world. Discover the fascinating origin stories and sheer variety of coffee beans that this amazing country has to offer. You’ll have the opportunity to meet farmers, forge personal connections, pick coffee and gain first-hand experience of coffee processing.

Here’s What You’ll Experience During Your Trip

All Our Coffee Origin Trips Include The Following

  • Visit farms in Colombia’s famed coffee region
  • Meet farmers, discuss the industry and share professional insights and knowledge
  • Plentiful coffee tastings during farm and processing visits 
  • Spanish to English interpreters
  • Private transport during the entire length of your trip
  • All accommodation is pre-booked and managed for you 
  • Professional photographer available to capture original images for your brand and marketing materials

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