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Those Coffee People was founded on a mission to serve small and medium-sized businesses with world-class specialty green coffee. Our extensive network of direct trade relationships with growers allows us to source the finest specialty coffee the industry has to offer, to help make your story extraordinary. From expert advice and consultation to shipping and logistics, we manage every step of the process for you.   

These are Some of the Small Businesses We Supply

Our Services for Small Businesses Includes:

  • Our online flavor matching tool and samples ordering platform 
  • Free expert consultation to understand your business’s needs
  • A communication channel that suits you best, from email, Whatsapp to Slack
  • Full management of every step of the process
  • Bilingual English and Spanish 
  • Regular special offers and one-off promotions
  • Original photography and origin stories
  • No minimum order sizes
  • Origin trips

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To help make the selection process as easy as possible, we’ve categorized our coffee into the following 4 groups for you to explore. Or alternatively, use our online matching tool.  

Clean cup with traditional notes of chocolate and citric acidity. Some variance between smokey and woody notes as well as hints of red fruits.

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83+ points, single origin, with unique cupping profile and extra care taken during production, harvesting, and processing.

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Special process coffee with distinctly unique cupping profiles. Micro lots crafted with extreme care and precision. Extra attention on processing methodology.

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87+ points coffee. Special variety coffee with distinctly unique cupping profiles. Micro and nano lots crafted with extreme care and precision. Extra attention on production methodology.

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Want to learn more about ordering coffee for your small business? Read our buyer’s guide to sourcing green coffee beans. Or download our free Ebook below.

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