Farm Details:
Farm Name: El Paraiso
Producer: Jose Cuellar
Town: Pitalito
Altitude: 1800 – 1900
Variety: Pink Bourbon

Purchasing Details:
Coffee name: Pink Bourbon
Process: Washed Double Fermentation
Production Capacity Harvest 1 (March – June): 10 TON
Production Capacity Harvest 2 (October – December): 5 TON
Exwork KG price: 13 USD
Notes: Fruity and floral notes like, tangerine, orange blossom and honey.

Pitalito is a Colombian town and municipality located to the south of the Department of Huila, over the Valley of the Rio Grande de la Magdalena, 188 km from Huila’s capital, Neiva. EL PARAISO, a coffee farm located in Pitalito, Huila is recognized for its 80% Pink Bourbon exotic variety planted. 

Jose belongs to the second generation of coffee growers in his family and is proud to be recognized in the region for having one of the most adapted to the area varietals, which allows it to have high levels of production throughout the year.

Our Pink Bourbon origin with washed double fermentation process and fruity and floral notes like, tangerine, orange blossom and honey is from EL PARAISO.