Farm Details:
Farm Name: Proyecto Renacer (13 farms)
Producer: Multiple producers
Town: La Sierra
Altitude: 1700 – 2000
Variety: Castillo, Caturra, Pajarito, Tabi and Bourbon


Purchasing Details:

LA SIERRA has been one of the neighborhoods hardest hit by violence in Medellin. However, it has preserved a cultural treasure throughout all these complex years and this has been coffee. Traditional varieties and almost purely natural organic soils are preserved because it was almost impossible to access here during the long periods of social unrest. 

RENACER project, led by brothers Cristian and Jonathan Raigoza is located in LA SIERRA and is composed of more than 15 coffee growers with small (around 2 hectares) farms. RENACER has channeled the coffee growers’ product and in turn has evolved it with innovative processes to provide a better experience in the cup. Cristian and Jonathan have been in the coffee world for more than 10 years. Cristian is one of the best colombian roasters and baristas and worked as a master roaster in a prestigious cafe in Belgium for more than a year. Jonathan has worked in production, quality control and administration. 

They believe in social innovation and disruption, in the transformational power of coffee and team work. Cristian and Jonathan are young people appropriate to the Colombian culture and its tradition, in a country built on the tip of coffee, they want to rebuild it again with coffee. Intervening the entire coffee production chain to identify the points that generate impact (social, environmental, quality, economic). 

In the production area, working with small producers in areas affected by violence, buying cherry coffee (paying surcharges) to centralize processes and reduce environmental impact and improve the quality of life of producers and the quality of coffee through experimental fermentation processes. In the transformation area they develop disruptive roasting processes, focused on improving the sensory quality of coffees, developing a concept of local commerce, coffees grown, processed and served in the city and building a collective with projects that are changing the rules of the game for the consumption of specialty coffee in Medellín like LA FABRICA, a specialty coffee roasting center and RITUALES, a specialty coffee shop, one of the most well known in Medellin. These 2 other projects allow LA SIERRA’s coffee to be taken to the other level, always seeking to get the best client experience.

In the preparation stage, building a market that consumes better quality coffee and in a more conscious way, bringing the highest quality coffee to the local market, and to settings where specialty coffee is not normally consumed.

They sell coffee in all 3 stages: green for export, roasted for Colombia, US and Canada and prepared in their coffee shops in Medellin.  Tropical Summer, El Tractor and Red Bomb are from LA SIERRA, Medellín’s closest project and we are proud and excited to send them to the world. Experience extraordinary.