Farm Details:
Farm Name: Las Nubes
Producer: Marco Echeverry
Town: Pereira
Altitude: 1950
Variety: Geisha

Purchasing Details:
Coffee name: Geisha Las Nubes
Process: Washed
Production Capacity Harvest 1 (March – June):
Production Capacity Harvest 2 (October – December):
Current Availability:
Exwork KG price: 15.75 USD
Notes: Floral, sweet and frutal cupping profile with tangerine, eucalyptus, honey and cane sugar notes.

Pereira, known as “la querendona, trasnochadora y morena” (which translates to the lovely one, night owl and brunette) owes its name to the lawyer, land owner and naturist Francisco Pereira Martínez, a man who was close to the fight for independence for a city in the territory that once belong to the old Cartago. The village of Pereira was named in honor of him after his death.

The Department of Risaralda and Pereira are home to some of the best coffee farms, which have won prizes for the best cups of coffee in Colombia.