Farm Details:
Farm Name: Guayacan
Producer: Lina Posada
Town: Concordia
Altitude: 1860
Variety: Geisha, Caturra and Chiroso 


Purchasing Details:

GUAYACAN, a farm of approximately 10 productive hectares and around 50 years of tradition and family union, has a breathtaking landscape with yellow and pink Guayacanes trees. 

The coffee production in this farm is focused in specialty varietals and social innovation practices. They have achieved that coffee growers are mostly women between 50 to 70 years old that live close to the farm, particularly in Barrio Salazar.

Lina and Beatriz, mother and daughter, the production leaders of this farm have promoted their coffee under GUAYACAN CAFE brand and have obtained twice the recognition of the best roasted coffee in Antioquia. 

They have several certifications as C.A.F.E Practices, UTZ, RAIZ Sustainability and Rainforest Alliance and are also active part of the Antioquia Coffee Cluster. During 2021 they obtained the 4th prize in the national competition COE (Cup of excellence) with their Geisha Washed coffee.