Farm Details:
Farm Name: La Joya, Monteblanco
Producer: Yorleni Sanchez, Claudia Samboni
Town: Sinai, Huila
Altitude: 1750
Variety: Purple Caturra


Purchasing Details:

The Village of Sinai is one of the 7 villages of the Palestinian municipality in Huila. Its economic base is comprised mainly of agriculture and livestock, and to a lesser extent recreational and research eco-tourism; since it is the main access road to the “Cueva de los Guácharos” National Natural Park. Next to this beautiful landscape, you can see the coffee crops, but also sugar cane, granadilla, tree tomato, pitahaya, lulo, and other tropical crops.

Sinai is located in the south of Colombia, there traditionally they have been more heavily impacted by Colombia’s violent past. We are extremely happy to be able to share in the growth and prosperity of this region through coffee and innovation, brining out these amazing experimental processes and fermentation coffees to share with the world!