Farm Details:
Farm Name: Multiple farms. Panorama.
Producer: Multiple producers. Leader: Juan Higuita
Town: Buritica
Altitude: 1800 – 2100
Variety: Castillo, Colombia and Caturro

Purchasing Details:
Coffee name: Buritica
Process: Washed
Production Capacity Harvest 1 (March – June): 10 TON
Production Capacity Harvest 2 (October – December): 40 TON
Exwork KG price: 5.2 USD
Notes: Dark chocolate cupping profile with sugar cane, dry fruits, hazelnut and orange notes.

Buritica is a municipality that has had many economic transformations. In 2010 the economy was still based in agriculture and livestock but gold settlements were found and mining activity controlled by multinationals like Continental Gold Company started. Even though this shift in economic activity towards mining has changed the work of many families, there are still some traditional producers that keep working on agriculture. 

Our partner PANORAMA is committed to the conservation of coffee growing and works hand in hand with the social responsibility team of the mining company to support the commercialization of the coffee of the families that still sign up for this business. It is composed of more than 40 coffee growers with small (around 3 hectares) farms. 

Juan and Didier, father and son, are the leaders of PANORAMA. Juan is the third coffee grower generation of his family and Didier is one of the best baristas and trained coffee cuppers around the entire state of Antioquia.