Farm Details:
Farm Name: Giraldo Community
Producer: Giraldo Community
Town: Giraldo
Altitude: 1950 – 2100
Variety: Castillo, Colombia, Caturro and Bourbon

Purchasing Details:
Coffee name: Giraldo
Process: Washed
Production Capacity Harvest 1 (March – June): 15000
Production Capacity Harvest 2 (October – December): 27000
Current Availability: 1500
Exwork KG price: 5.35 USD

Giraldo is a municipality located in the west region of Antioquia. It was once known as an important Indigenous city, Arro. Arro was the epicenter of commerce of artisanal products made by hand and bartered for food, gold and animals. Located at 2000 meters above sea level The complex geography of this region gives a strategic position to the Indigenous community to stay safe from enemies and their society could thrive. Coffee production began to appear after the colonization, and has being developed in Giraldo adapting attention to detail techniques from their Indigenous ancestors.

This municipality was also affected by the political instability and social violence of the 80’s until early 2000s’ and is recently recovering from all the damage that was suffered.  Leading the way towards a strong coffee producing industry are co-ops that help the local farmers improve their harvesting and processing methods. The farms are generally quite small, and not all of them have the ability to process the coffee on site after harvesting it. These cooperatives have created centralized processing facilities for farmers to share, innovate in their processing methods, and for the region to create a strong origin: Origin Giraldo.