Farm Details:
Farm Name: Tamesis Community
Producer: Elkin Arcila
Town: Tamesis
Altitude: 1800 – 2000
Variety: Castillo and Colombia

Purchasing Details:

Coffee name: Tamesis
Process: Honey
Production Capacity Harvest 1 (March – June): 4500
Production Capacity Harvest 2 (October – December): 7000
Current Availability: 150
Exwork KG price: 7 USD
Notes: Very sweet cupping profile with passion fruit and orange notes.

Coffee name: Tamesis
Process: Washed
Production Capacity Harvest 1 (March – June): 10000
Production Capacity Harvest 2 (October – December): 18000
Current Availability: 1500
Exwork KG price: 5.1 USD
Notes: Dark chocolate cupping profile with sugar cane and nutty notes.

Tamesis is one of Antioquia’s municipalities with the greatest water wealth. The waterfalls that are found around Tamesis are notable for their size, flow and grandeur. This resource is so important in the region that native inhabitants used to believe it was a fountain of youth with sacred water.

At the present time the main economic activity is centered on the cultivation of coffee, banana and cocoa. All of them benefit from the abundant, wealthy and quality availability of water, that’s one of the reasons that the origins from this region are so good.