Colombian Honey:

Very sweet with passion fruit and orange notes. Tamesis honey is a beautiful expression of what a high-quality Colombian honey coffee is supposed to taste like.
Process: Honey
Annual Production Capacity: 11 TON
Project Name: Regional Honey
Town: Antioquia, Pereria
Altitude: 1.800 – 2.000
Variety: Castillo – Colombia
Best Roast: Light and medium roast
Preparation Suggestion:  Espresso, latte, cappuccino or V60 pour- over.

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Why Choose this Coffee?
Do you want to exhibit the unique notes of a honey-processed coffee? Well, our honey process would be the perfect coffee to do it. The honey process is one of the most eco friendly considering the less water required compared to washed processing. Also, its unique profile will amaze your customers with a sweet and less acidic coffee.
Why Support the Farmer?
Honey process is one of the more sustainable practices, reducing water consumption from 40 liters/ kilo of parchment coffee to as little as 1! 

What is a Honey Process Coffee?

Honey process coffees stand out from the natural and washed processes, being a hybrid combination of techniques. The pulped natural or more known honey process is as the name describes a method in which the cherries are hand picked and selected, then they are depulped and allowed to dry without washing for around 2 weeks. As a result of the drying the cherries are surrounded by a sticky mucilage that resembles honey texture and taste. 

What differentiates the honey processed coffee from the washed, asides from the amazing sweet flavor, is saving water. The cupping notes from the honey process coffee is a sweet passion fruit and orange notes, highly balanced to not be overpowering in the taste buds.



With these coffee we impact the following SDGs:

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