King Arthur Geisha

King Arthur Geisha:

Floral and sweet cupping profile with notes of tangerine, apricot, jasmine, and honey.
Process: 90-90 Fermentation with Honey Drying
Annual Production Capacity: 1500 KG
Project Name: Puerto Arturo
Town: Tamesis
Altitude: 1800
Variety: Geisha
Best Roast: Light roast
Preparation Suggestion: Pour over method V60, Chemex, Kalita (Drip methods)


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Why Choose this Coffee?

.Geisha is the King of coffee, it comes from a hybrid varietal that originated in Kaffa, Ethiopia, and was adapted to Central and South America in the 1950s. Furthermore, the honey-processed Geish is more exclusive due to its sweet notes but preserves the characteristic flavor of Geish coffee. Resultantly, King Arthur Geisha is perfect for coffee lovers who appreciate high-quality coffees, even if it’s ideal for coffee competitions!

Special Farming Practices

King Arthur Geisha is produced under cooperation between the production farm and Tamesis water company with the purpose of developing a unique process whereas the water is infused with electrical waves that gave a “good vibes” experience to the coffee trees. The result is a Geisha coffee with exceptional taste.

Why Support the Farmer

While you and your customers are enjoying an exceptional Geisha you are also promoting the opportunity of barista education for more than 20 Tamesis students, so they could find other ways to improve their life while still working in the coffee industry.

The King of Coffees

Geisha King Arthur coffee is a special micro lot that undergoes aerobic and anaerobic fermentation processes followed by a delicate honey-style drying process. Don Elkin Arcila begins picking the cherries in order to guarantee an optimal sugar level. Afterward, a 90-hour cherry fermentation, depulping, and 90-hour fermentation in the mucilage process takes place. Following the controlled fermentation, the coffee is dried in African beds in honey (without first being washed) achieving that amazing profile iconic of Geisha King Arthur. Subsequently, the result is a marvelous floral and sweet cupping profile coffee with notes of tangerine, apricot, jasmine, coriander seed, honey, and an overall very sweet cup.

From Seed to Cup- King Arthur 

Elkin has always been an innovator. As the first generation of coffee growers in his family, Elkin went to break the mold of traditional coffee. Most importantly, he researched specialty coffee, its quality processes, and agronomy needs. His research took Elkin to different kinds of training practices like barista, which is an added value in the coffee industry and he shares it with his community.

In 2017, Elkin decided to open his own barista school, in the municipality of Támesis. As a result, today he works together with his son as the first student and decided to open this formative space, where he trains approximately 15 to 20 students.

In his coffee-growing community, he is recognized and praised as an entrepreneur, and visionary with a strong focus and social sustainability sense. For instance, he shares his knowledge of Geisha King Arthur coffee and contributes to the economic growth and favorable conditions of employment for many producers in this sector.

Puerto Arturo is the farm of the Arcila family, currently led by Elkin, who has made a total change in the management model. This has mainly been on exotic varieties and fermentation processes with coffees with a very high score in their category, rating approximately between 89 and 90.

Geisha King Arthur from Ekin is special due to its abundance of natural mineral water springs. This makes for an extraordinary terroir for coffee production. Furthermore with his community, Elkin has been developing a unique geisha coffee with the cooperation of Tamesis water company. In this experimental process, he sends certain sound waves into the water source. This unique process is believed to infuse what we could call “good vibes”’ into the water source, which is passed into people or plants who consume it.

With this coffee we impact the following SDGs:





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