Farm Details:
Farm Name: Las Brisas
Producer: Juan Guillermo Londoño
Town: Pereira
Altitude: 1400 – 1600
Variety: Catiope, Caturra, Colombia


Purchasing Details:

Nestled between Manizales and Pereira sits the quaint town of Santa Rosa de Cabal. Not only known for being amongst the coffee producing towns in the eje cafetero (coffee triangle), Santa Rosa gained worldwide recognition when renowned resident Álvaro Mejía placed a completely unexpected third place in the Tour de France in 1993.

The municipality preserves the architectural style of the coffee towns of the mid-twentieth century with its houses with flowered balconies characteristic of the Antioquia colonization.

The specific farm at our Origin Santa Rosa is run by 3 generations of coffee producers. Originally they were producing coffee with really traditional strategies and selling to the government for a minimum payment. However, since last year they employed a specialized coach and improving processes like fermentations for washed coffee and also innovating in processes like natural and honey to meet the needs of a more sophisticated market.