Pink Bourbon: Huila

Origin- Huila
Notes: Beautiful fruity and sweet coffee, notes of roses, and red fruits
Acidity: Medium
Body: Medium
Finish: Floral
Honey Process
Score 87.75

Natural Geisha: Concordia

Origin: Pitalito- Huila
Notes: Mandarin and Jasmine, hints of green apple
Acidity: Medium
Body: Delicate
Natural Process
Score 88

Tarqui, Huila

Notes: Sweet panela, yellow fruits, juicy finish.
Acidity: strong orange citrus
Body : Medium
Cup: Clean and well balanced, delicate and silky
Score 84

Special Varieties

CATURRA, Honey Process
PINK BOURBON, Washed Process
RED BOURBON, Washed Process
PURPLE CATURRA, Natural Process
GESHA, Natural Process
GEISHA PARAISO, Washed Process
WUSH WUSH, Washed Process
RED BOURBON, Honey Process

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