Monteblanco Washed

by Those Coffee People

Sweet with raising and subtle yellow and red fruit notes.

Process: Washed
Annual production Capacity: 100 TON
Project Name: Monteblanco
Town: Huila
Altitude: 1900
Variety: Caturra, Typica, Bourbon, and Colombia
Best Roast: Medium roast
Preparation Suggestion: Espresso, preparations with milk, drip methods

Why Choose this Coffee?

Want a traditional taste of coffee but with a twist? Well,s Monteblanco washed is the answer. This coffee is produced in Huila, a Colombian region with unique high altitudes that gives special notes to the coffee. Also, the head producer, Claudia encourages formal employment for women and men, being a great coffee for conscious consumers.

Special Farming Practices

The Huila region has special characteristics for coffee production like altitude, weather, and social aspects. That is why Monteblanco Estated washed process is challenging, it begins with depulping cherries the same day they are harvested. Then the coffee beans are fully washed with clean water and dried on African beds for several days.

Why Support the Farmer

Buying Monteblanco Estated Washed Coffee promotes formal employment for women and men, being a great project for encouraging equal employment in Huila, also It supports the idea that women like Claudia can have success in a highly competitive market like specialty coffee.

Female Talent in the Coffee Industry

Claudia is the head producer of the Monteblanco project. As a woman leader in the coffee industry of Huila she is responsible for the production of 55 productive hectares of coffee crops.

Claudia didn’t achieve these big responsibilities in one step, on the contrary, she had been in the specialty coffee industry for approximately 20 years. She had the opportunity to live 6 months in London where she reinforced her knowledge of specialty coffees and was certified as a Q-Grader in the CQI. She currently stands as one of the pioneers in the region in getting out of the traditional coffee line, and innovating with fermentation processes with added organic matter.

The farms operate under the premise of excellent soil nutrition to guarantee constant production. As a result, they have been recognized on several occasions for their exceptional production model of exotic varieties of 88+pts coffee. This is a result of her strategy and quality control team that consists of more than 10 people that are dedicated exclusively to post-harvest quality.

The Monteblanco washed coffee illustrates the characteristics of coffee from the Huila Region. Huila is one of Colombia’s southernmost coffee zones located in a high altitude that is suitable for a high scoring coffee production. Farms from this region are also frequently set in a large plateau landscape, being much easier to harvest coffee than Antioquia’s dramatic mountain landscape.

Monteblanco’s most traditional coffee, the washed, is processed in a special way, beginning with depulping cherries the same day they are harvested. Then the coffee beans are fully washed with clean water and dried on african beds for several days. As a result, the Monteblanco signature coffee displays special notes of orange with chocolate, sugar cane, dry yellow fruits and nuts with a delightful sweet aftertaste.

With these coffee We Impact the Following SDGs:

In comparison to the FNC buy rate, TCP pays 22% above fair market value

Through formal employment generation Claudia reduced inequalities


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