Tamesis Honey:

Very sweet with passion fruit and orange notes. Tamesis honey is a beautiful expression of what a high quality Colombian honey coffee is supposed to taste like.
Process: Honey
Annual Production Capacity: 11 TON
Project Name: From Seed to Cup- Tamesis Honey process
Town: Tamesis
Altitude: 1.800 – 2.000
Variety: Castillo – Colombia

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What is a Honey Process Coffee?

Honey process coffees stand out from the natural and washed processes, being a hybrid combination of techniques. The pulped natural or more known honey process is as the name describes a method in which the cherries are hand picked and selected, then they are depulped and allowed to dry without washing for around 2 weeks. As a result of the drying the cherries are surrounded by a sticky mucilage that resembles honey texture and taste. 

What differentiates the honey processed coffee from the washed, asides from the amazing sweet flavor, is saving water. The cupping notes from the honey process coffee is a sweet passion fruit and orange notes, highly balanced to not be overpowering in the taste buds.

Honey Process in Tamesis

Elkin has always been an innovator, with a mentality of achieving different results with common things. As the first generation of coffee growers in his family, Elkin went to break the mold of traditional coffee to research specialty coffee, its quality processes and agronomy needs.

These hunger of knowing took Elkin to different kind of training practices like barista, which is his added value for his competitors, that is to say, Elkin, knowing so much about this subject, has been able to participate as a facilitator of trainings in his town on barista techniques, which has allowed his different coffees to achieve greater visibility in the market. 

In 2017, Elkin decided to open his own barista school, in the municipality of Támesis. Together with his son as the first student, he opened this formative space, where he trains approximately 15 to 20 young professionals each year. 

In his coffee growing community he is recognized and praised as an entrepreneur, visionary with a high social awareness. He shares his knowledge of honey specialty coffee and contributes to the economic growth and favorable conditions of employment for many producers in this sector.

Puerto Arturo is the farm of the Arcila family, currently led by Elkin, who has made a total change in the management model, mainly on fermentation processes with coffees achieving a unique honey process coffee. His learnings in his own farm of Puerto Arturo he teaches to the community which also support the honey production for our origin Tamesis Honey Product. 


With these coffee we impact the following SDGs:

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