Discover the farms and meet the producers who grow some of the best green coffee beans Colombia has to offer

Colombian coffee farm

Frequently Asked Questions



  • How do I get the samples and how long does it take?

Samples can be ordered by contacting Jennifer directly on whatsapp at +57 3508686720 or and inquiring for a menu.

  • How do you ship the samples? What do we need to pay for?

We ship our samples with FedEx and charge for the cost of the shipping. While our green coffee samples are complimentary, if you would like your samples roasted there is a roasting fee charged. Additionally if you require larger amounts of green bean samples there will be an extra charge. However, clients who already have an order history with us will be entitled to receive their samples free of charge.



  • How do I become a customer / make my first order?

Contact Jennifer directly at The first step will be to identify which coffee, how much, and the method of shipment. With this information, we will provide you a comprehensive quote and an invoice. When the needed payment is made we will continue with the order, custom packaging as needed, coordinating with your importing agent, and sending the coffee with the needed documentation. 

  • What’s the minimum size of order you will ship?

We will ship any amount through Fedex, minimum 105kg by air freight, and minimum 490 kg by sea freight.

  • When I buy coffee from you, do I have to receive the whole order all at once?

If you would like to take advantage of discounted rates for larger orders you can make an order for the future and we can send you the coffee on an as needed basis. For example, if you wanted to buy 5000kg and have us send you 1250 each 3 months, we can make that work for you!

  • Can I arrange my own shipping?

Yes but we always suggest you ensure your logistics team is knowledgeable of coffee-specific logistics INSIDE  Colombia. It is not as simple as arranging the plane or boat, and there are a lot of local processes that need to be handled by local professionals. If you are able to coordinate that we will work with your team, otherwise we offer full logistic services to your port of destination.

  • What do I need to send you so we don’t have any problems in the import/export process?

We need to be put in contact with your importing agent to ensure we provide all the needed documentation and information. If this is done, we will have no issues.

  • What do I do if there is damage or another problem with my delivery?

We will send you a comprehensive Those Coffee People importation guide with each purchase outlining this in depth. 



  • Can I order from you regardless of my location?

Yes, however, some countries have difficulty with bank transfers to Colombia such as Iran, Libya, and Cuba. 

  • How are my prices set?

We price all of our coffee in ExWork prices. We will also be able to provide you with sea (LCL/FCL) or air quotes as needed to your port of destination. However, if you are placing an order for a future date we can not guarantee these rates for the moment that the merchandise is shipped and shipping quotes are provided as an estimate.

  • Where have you shipped before?

We currently have experience exporting directly to the USA, Canada, Chile, UK, Switzerland, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, UAE, Indonesia, Australia, Japan, China, Trinidad and Tobago, and Cyaman Islands . For each new country, we export to we work closely with our customers to ensure any special rules are adhered to so our customers don’t have any issues in their importing process.

  • How long will it take?

The shipping from port to port depends where in the world we are sending this. Just as a reference by sea from Colombia to USA it can be just a couple of days, Colombia to UK about 2 weeks, Colombia to Asia 8-10 weeks. By air usually between 2-5 days in transit globally. The time from warehouse to leaving colombia by sea (including exportation process)  in Colombia is 10-12 days, and from warehouse to airplane (including exportation process) in Colombia 5-7 days. 



  • How much will your minimum order cost?

Minimum orders will be coffee exwork price per kilo + shipping costs. 
General estimates for small orders sent by air freight can be $7-10 per kilo, larger orders sent by air freight can be $2-4 per kilo. For small consolidated shipments by sea we can be looking at around $1 per kilo and a full container sent by sea will be as little as couple of cents. These are very general prices and each shipping route and order size will have different prices. 

  • What are your payment terms?

Payment is due before shipping. For clients with order histories with us can individually inquire about financing services available.

  • Do you accept credit cards?