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Your specialist Colombian green coffee bean supplier directly serving cafes and roasters throughout the world for an unbeatable farm to cup experience.

In order to aid a growing demand for high quality direct trade coffee, Those Coffee People has designed an easy to follow grouping system of our origins for a more simple coffee buying experience. Discovery the best of what Colombia has to offer!



Traditional coffee from large estates or regional washed coffee.

Clean cup with traditional notes of chocolate and nuts, with sugarcane and hints of orange.



Premium single estate or regional, washed coffee.

83+ points washed coffee, with a unique cupping profile and extra care taken during production, harvesting, and processing.



Special Process Coffees- Naturals, Honeys, Extended Fermentations.

High scoring coffee with special process, distinctly unique cupping profiles. Micro lots crafted with extreme care and precision. Extra attention on processing methodology.



Micro and Nano lots of exotic varieties.

87+ points coffee. Exotic variety coffee with distinctly unique cupping profiles. Micro lots crafted with extreme care and precision. Extra attention on production methodology.

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