Caturra Chiroso

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Floral with honey, citrus & lemongrass

Process: Washed
Annual Production: 3,500 KG
Project Name: Aprokafes
Town: Caicedo
Altitude: 1800 – 2000
Variety: Caturra Chiroso
Best Roast: Light roast
Preparation Suggestion: Pour over and Drip Methods 

Why Choose this Coffee?

The specialty coffee market is all about innovation and excellent quality, and Caturra Chirosso is a great example of that. The coffee comes from a unique variety of bourbon. The result is a coffee with a profile similar to tea and display notes of lemongrass, great for competing in coffee cup contests or just to amaze your customers.

Special Farming Practices

The variety of Caturra Chiroso demands attention to detail, mainly because it’s very susceptible to rust and harsh climate changes. That is why, Elkin Diosa, the head producer, takes excellent care of all the processes of Caturra Chiroso

Why Support the Farmer

Besides being an excellent coffee, Catura Chiroso’s production allows producers of Caicedo community to develop in the coffee industry. The cherry center offers the large, medium, and small producers to all be apart of their final product as origin Caicedo. 

Caturra Chiroso Variety

It is important to have a skilled roasting process due to its preferance of light right to truly express the delicate and floral notes. It’s suggested to be enjoyed as a filter method technique.

The Chiroso coffee is the mutation of a bourbon, being a slightly elongated bean with a similar shape of a Colombian biscuit called achira, giving birth to its name Chiroso.  In fact, its taste and uniqueness give it an advantage for competing in coffee contests. In fact, it has won on several occasions the Taza de Café de Antioquia contest first in 2014 with a barista from Urrao, scoring over 87 points. Thus, is in high demand at national and international levels.
Due to its leaf size, the trees are very susceptible to rust, that is to say to parasites or fungi, which makes it a very challenging coffee to harvest. It is also nutritionally demanding but this is compensated by its high productivity and special profile.

The protagonist of Caturra Chiroso’s History

Something that Aprokafes does is let large, medium, and small producers be a part of their final product line.  which allows them to cover sufficient amounts of demand to meet the requirements of the international buyer also they are in a constant process of experimentation with new coffees, like with Caturra Chirroso.

Aprokafe is led by Elkin Diosa. A very ambitious and smart man, he developed a specialty coffee buying center where together all of the small producers of Caicedo could join each other to have a larger product offering for international buyers. He knew that quality control is essential for specialty coffee and therefore he invested in a quality control facility within his buying center. These initiatives totally changed the coffee industry of Caicedo and put it on the specialty coffee map.


Aprokafes was born, with the mission of creating a collective of coffee growers with the purpose of improving living conditions.  The producers and the Caicedo Community are characterized by the application of good agricultural practices.
.Benefits of Aprokafe´s buying center:
  • Advance quality control practices to meet specialty coffee requirements.
  • A storage facility that meets specialty coffee standards.
  • Coffee tree nutrition program and training.
  • Provides youth engagement and career opportunities in the coffee industry.
Elkin grew up involved in the coffee industry. As a curious person, he broke what was considered to be normal practices and frequently experimented to see how to improve his outcomes.
In 2012 Elkin thought that things could be better in the coffee industry in Caicedo. Therefore,  he brought a new business model of specialty coffee into the town with his project Aprokafe.
Due to the location of Caicedo and to continue with the construction of his project, Elkin decides to go to Bogota with a parchment coffee and at that moment, he realizes that this coffee was already in demand in the city, and so he realizes through a process of observation and participation in the market, that this product has a positive trade potential.

Something that Aprokafes does is letting large, medium and small producers be a part of their final product line which allows them to cover sufficient amounts of demand to meet the requirements of the international buyer and also they are in a constant process of experimentation of new coffees, like with Caturra Chirroso.

With this coffee we impact the following SDGs:

E_SDG-goals_icons-individual-caturra-chiroso-those-coffee-people-coffee shop supplier

In comparison to the FNC buy rate, TCP pays 82% above fair market value

E_SDG_goals_icons-individual-caturra-chiroso-those-coffee-people-coffee shop supplier

Providing young professionals opportunities for skilled employment in the coffee sector through barista schools, coffee quality control opportunities, and involvement in larger project development for their communities in partnership with the local government.


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