King Arthur Geisha

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by Those Coffee People

Floral and sweet with notes of tangerine, peach, jasmine and honey.

Process: 90-90 Fermentation with Honey Drying
Annual Production Capacity: 1500 KG
Project Name: Puerto Arturo
Town: Tamesis
Altitude: 1800
Variety: Geisha
Suggested Roast: Light roast
Preparation Suggestion: Pour over method V60, Chemex, Kalita (Drip methods

Why Choose Geisha King Arthur?

Geisha, the undisputed king of coffee, boasts a rich heritage originating from a hybrid varietal in Kaffa, Ethiopia, and later finding its home in Central and South America during the 1950s. Among the different processing methods, the honey-processed Geisha stands out for its exclusivity, offering delightful sweet notes while preserving the distinctive floral profile that defines Geisha coffee. As a result, Geisha King Arthur presents an ideal choice for coffee connoisseurs who appreciate high-quality brews, making it a top contender even in prestigious coffee competitions!

Special Farming Practices

King Arthur Geisha is the remarkable product of a collaborative effort between the production farm and Tamesis water company, aimed at creating a truly unique process. In this innovative approach, electrical waves are infused into the water, providing a special “good vibes” experience to the coffee trees. The remarkable outcome is a Geisha coffee with an exceptional taste that captivates the senses.

Why Support the Farmer

While savoring the exceptional Geisha coffee, you and your customers are also supporting barista education for over 20 Tamesis students. By providing them with this opportunity, they can explore alternative paths for improving their lives while remaining engaged in the coffee industry. Your enjoyment of this extraordinary coffee extends beyond the cup, making a positive impact on the future of aspiring baristas in the Tamesis community.

The King of Coffees

Geisha King Arthur coffee stands as a special micro lot, carefully processed through aerobic and anaerobic fermentation methods, followed by a delicate honey-style drying process. Don Elkin Arcila begins by hand-picking the coffee cherries, ensuring an optimal sugar level. Next, the coffee cherries undergo a 90-hour fermentation period, followed by depulping and another 90-hour fermentation in mucilage. This controlled fermentation is then followed by the drying of the coffee on African beds in honey, without prior washing, resulting in the iconic and exquisite profile of Geisha King Arthur.

The outcome is a marvelous floral and sweet coffee, boasting tasting notes of tangerine, peach, jasmine, coriander seed, and honey, culminating in an overall very sweet and delightful cup of specialty coffee. 

From Seed to Cup- King Arthur

Meet Elkin, an innovative coffee grower who breaks the mold in his family’s generation with a passion for specialty Colombian coffee beans. He delves into quality processes, agronomy needs, and barista training, enriching the coffee industry and sharing his knowledge with the community.

In 2017, Elkin founded a barista school in Támesis, nurturing 15 to 20 students annually, creating a new generation of coffee enthusiasts.

Elkin’s entrepreneurial spirit and social sustainability focus earn him recognition in the coffee-growing community. On the Puerto Arturo farm, he achieves remarkable results with Geisha King Arthur coffee, scoring between 89 and 90 points.

Geisha King Arthur’s exceptional flavor comes from the farm’s unique  terroir , blessed with abundant natural mineral water springs. Collaborating with the community and the Támesis water company, Elkin’s groundbreaking experiment infuses “good vibes” into the water source, benefiting coffee plants and consumers alike.

With this Coffee we Impact the Following SDGs:

those-coffee-people-King Arthur Geisha-coffee beans wholesale-E_SDG-goals_icons-individual

Each kilo of coffee purchased contributes to saving 40 liters of water versus traditional washed coffee

E_SDG-goals_icons-individual-caturra-chiroso-those-coffee-people-coffee shop supplier

In comparison to the FNC buy rate, TCP pays 333% above fair market value.

E_SDG_goals_icons-individual-caturra-chiroso-those-coffee-people-coffee shop supplier

Providing young professionals opportunities for skilled employment in the coffee sector through barista schools, coffee quality control opportunities, and involvement in larger project development for their communities in partnership with the local government