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Cacao nibs, chamomile, yellow tropical fruits, brown spices, and currant berries

Far Name: Las Nubes
Town: Pereria
Altitude: 1950 – 2000
Variety: Wush Wush,
Process: Natural
Suggested Roast: Light or medium roast
Preparation Suggestion:  Pour over method V60, Chemex, Kalita (Drip methods)

Why Choose this Coffee?

It´s one of our exotic varieties that originated from Ethiopia but was harvested in Colombia. The Wush Wush coffee is perfect for impressing your customers with a unique profile and sensory qualities, unlike anything they had ever tasted before. Also, it´s emerging in the high-end specialty coffee market, as a new product.

Special Farming Practices

Wush Wush beans are smaller than regular ones so the process of fermentation is different. Also, the Wush Wush trees are more robust, being more resistant to harsh climate changes and drought.

Why Support the Farmer

Your purchase of Wush Wush is investing in developing specialty coffee in a more professional and high-standard way. Marco, the producer puts into practice all his know-how in order to constantly improve the production, in this way you can be part of the development of Wush Wush in Colombia.

Wush Wush from Ethiopia to Colombia

Marco Echeverry is the producer of the exotic variety coffee Wush Wush Las Nubes. The name Las Nubes translates to “The Clouds”. Its name is given due to the location of the farm high up in the mountains close to the clouds. It’s a beautiful quaint family-owned farm located near Salento and surrounded by pine plantations. 

Marco, by bringing together his past experience in business and coffee, decided to invest in the best agricultural techniques in order to build a special coffee crop of Wush Wush variety.

While part of the process was focused on the growing of the trees, Marco developed a unique and highly personalized laboratory in order to test every crop, thus guaranteeing the best input for the best cup of coffee. 

Las Nubes’ philosophy is to have a small production with excellent quality, surpassing the challenges of growing exotic varieties of coffee. That is why, the location of the farm is a plus, due to its cold environment surrounded by pines and its rainy seasons. Also being at the right altitude and fertile soil to support Wush Wush production.

The Wush Wush coffee from Las Nubes is a perfect reflection of the knowledge, hard work and passion of Marco Echeverry. This low-yield specialty coffee has a unique cup profile that has its origin from Ethiopia. It undergoes 150 hours of anaerobic fermentation before being naturally dried in cherry on african beds. This gives a profile featuring  chocolate covered cherries and peanuts, that will blow away the taste buds of any coffee lover.  It’s the perfect cup of coffee for customers that want to get out of the traditional coffee zone and enter into the new and refreshing profiles.

With these Coffee we Impact the Following SDGs:

those-coffee-people-King Arthur Geisha-coffee beans wholesale-E_SDG-goals_icons-individual

Each kilo of coffee purchased contributes to saving 40 liters of water versus traditional washed coffee

E_SDG-goals_icons-individual-caturra-chiroso-those-coffee-people-coffee shop supplier

In comparison to the FNC buy rate, TCP pays 729% above fair market value

E_SDG_goals_icons-individual-caturra-chiroso-those-coffee-people-coffee shop supplier

Marco Echeverry seeks to reduce inequalities through formal employment generation


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