Las Brisas Washed

by Those Coffee People

Sweet with red fruits, chocolate, brown sugar and walnuts

Process: Washed
Annual Production Capacity: 35 TON
Project Name: Las Brisas
Altitude: 1600
Variety: Catiope, Caturra, Colombia
Best Roast: Medium Roast
Preparation Suggestion: Americano, milky drinks, and Macchiato

Why Choose this Coffee?

La Brisas is a great coffee for conscious consumers. Producer Juan Guillermo has a commitment and responsibility to the environment as well as the whole value chain. Being a uniquely processed washed coffee, Las Brisas will upgrade your lattes and cappuccinos with its fruity notes.

Special Farming Practices

Las Brisas coffee is produced by father and son Juan and Manuel. The whole process focuses on sustainability, being a coffee that reduces water usage at the rate of 39 liters per kilo This is possible due to the usage of an EcoMill ®, an exclusive technology designed to contribute to efficient water use in coffee production

Why Support the Farmer

he production of las Brisas works under the “cherry center model”, thus when you buy the coffee you help a whole community! Juan and Manuel work with their neighbors so they can deliver perfectly harvested cherries.

Coffee + Innovation

La Brisas is a unique coffee for many reasons, and perhaps most importantly is their attitude towards responsibility with the environment,  the suppliers, and with the quality of coffee. The project is led by father and son, Juan and Manuel and it had its origin in their family farm called Las Brisas which works under the premise of efficiency and quality. Both of them are very passionate about the coffee production process, Juan being the one that is in charge of the coffee harvesting and Manuel supporting the growth of the business.

Las Brisas was one of the first and old farms in the country to fully implement their EcoMill which, along with other initiatives, makes a reduction of the water needed to process. The machine has an unbeatable technology that it can use 99% less water than traditional processing methods. This community model helps economically and environmentally to both the coffee producers and Las Brisas because they have control of the quality of the coffee beans.

By purchasing from Las Brisas, we are directly impacting the UN Sustainable Development goal number 6 by reducing water usage, at the rate of 39 liters per kilo! 

They operate under the “cherry center” model in which their neighbors can deliver their harvested cherries and the team at Las Brisas processed them. Building relationships with the Pereria community allows them to process their coffees with sustainable practices, and high-quality control standards, making for a larger possibility of production under the same 84+ point profile.  

A Beautiful Mistake

As coffee-preneurs, they innovate the traditional way of coffee production in order to make it sustainable. One of those innovation processes was an accident! Don Guillermo left the coffee beans without depulping overnight by mistake. The next morning, he was upset thinking he destroyed the lote of coffee by making it turn vinegary from the fermentation. However, his curious mind took him to continue the process to mill and dry the beans. As a surprise, the result was an amazing coffee with a more fruity profile due to the short fermentation profile. This is how the control fermentation process that characterizes Las Brisas was born.

Juan and Manuel are coffee lovers convinced about the power of coffee production to transform Colombian culture into a more sustainable and conscious one. Highlighting the potential of Colombian agriculture. This is possible only with the sharing of knowledge and a sense of community. You can taste the love they impregnate into each coffee bean through the origin of Las Brisas.

With this Coffee we Impact the following SDGs:

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Each kilo of coffee purchased contributes to saving 39.6 liters of water versus traditional washed coffee

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In comparison to the FNC buy rate, TCP pays 20% above fair market value


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