Culturing Processes

by Those Coffee People

Sweet with a distinct taste of anise flower, sugar cane and almond notes.

Anisette, Spring Lemonade, Mint, Spice Queen, Pineapple, Passion Fruit
Process: Anaerobic Fermentation in Bioreactor
Production Capacity Harvest: 5 TON
Project Name: Monteblanco
Town: Acevedo
Altitude: 1750 – 1900
Variety: Purple Caturra
Best Roast: Medium roast
Preparation Suggestion: Origami, Kalita, Chemex (Drip methods)
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Why Choose this Coffee?

Your clients will have an extraordinary experience when they drink our culturing process coffees and with the plus that is all-natural, without any artificial add-ins. The cupping profiles are unique and at the same time, it reminds the consumer about similar flavors such as mint, passion fruit, and pineapple. If you want to have coffees that outstand from the regular market, culturing coffees is your best option.

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Anisette Coffee-health benefits of coffee-those coffe people-coffee-beans

Special Farming Practices

The culturing process is unique, a special fermentation process that was carefully designed by the Monteblanco farm. During this process, the producer uses natural ingredients such as fruits, once the fermentation process is finished the drying process started.

Why Support the Farmer

Beyond increasing the sales of Montablanco, Claudia focuses more on con creating decent and fulfilling jobs while producing excellent coffees and not harming the environment. For this, TCP n comparison to the FNC buy rate, pays 338% above fair market value, also Claudia contributes to reducing inequalities through formal employment generation.

Unique History of Culturing:

The culturing process that is implemented at Monteblanco is a special fermentation process that was carefully designed. Firstly, they hand-picked the cherries, and subsequently, they fertilize them in an anaerobic way for 48 hours, following the depulping process to finally introducing some special fruits and herbs during the fermentation process in order to give them fruity notes. Contrary to flavor-added oils our culturing is made with a natural process.
This method is similar to f the fermentation methods used in several types of food processing methods, called starter culture.  In particular, in the culturing process of coffee, each producer chooses their own specific culture which depends on the local micro-organisms and the taste they want to transfer. Today, Monteblanco has more than 20 innovative product offerings with unique cup profiles that remind the consumer of very familiar flavors such as piña colada in the pineapple coffee or a refreshing cup of sweet lemonade and why not a coffee with a beautiful and fresh herbal profile such as the mint. Indeed, where in Those Coffee People we offer the following culturing process coffees:


  • Mint
    Notes: Beautiful and fresh herbal profile with coriander seed, mint and lime. Aromatic notes like ginger and tangerine peel.
  • Spring Lemonade
    Notes: Fresh notes of peppermint with the sweetness of honey. Beautiful lemon and floral lavender taste and extremely balanced and delicate acidity.
  • Spice Queen
    Notes: Spiced profile with notes like cardamom, clove and cinnamon. Sweet like panela, chocolate and delicate notes of lavender.
  • Pineapple
    Notes: Sweet and fruity notes like pineapple syrup and other red fruits like raspberry.
  • Anisette
    Notes: Sweet cupping profile with a distinct taste of anise flower, supported by sugar cane and almond notes.
  • Passion Fruit
    Notes: Herbal and aromatic profile with solid notes of passion fruit, basil, lemon balm and lemongrass. chocolate notes and sweet aftertaste.

With this Coffee we Impact the Following SDGs:

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In comparison to the FNC buy rate, TCP pays 338% above fair market value.

E_SDG_goals_icons-individual-caturra-chiroso-those-coffee-people-coffee shop supplier

Claudia contributes to reducing inequalities through formal employment generation.


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