Paula 20 Brix

by Those Coffee People

Chocolate blackberry, cognac and oak.

Process: Natural
Annual Production Capacity: 15 TON
Project Name: Santa Elena
Town: Ciudad Bolivar
Altitude: 1600 – 1800
Variety: Caturra
Best Roast:  Medium roast
Preparation Suggestion:  Espresso and Aeropress

Why Choose this Coffee?

Want to promote equal opportunities in the coffee business? Well with Paula 20 Brix coffee, you can do it. The farm encourages gender equality in the production of coffee. Thus, this coffee is perfect for businesses that have more conscious consumers, also they are looking for an outstanding taste that comes from the natural process with a chocolatey and nutty cupping profile with plum, red wine, and oak notes.

Special Farming Practices

The coffee is produced by a married couple with years of experience in the coffee industry. Samuel is a curious mind, with an innovative process, bringing science into the “traditional” way of harvesting coffee. At his side, it´s Paula, a women leader that promotes fair employment. Together, they have an amazing coffee with sustainable practices. Santa Elena also protects natural biodiversity and has programs for regenerative agriculture.

Why Support the Farmer

Buying Paula 20 Brix is direct support for rural women that want to start their career in an industry that is men dominated, also you are investing in innovation and improvement for Ciudad Bolivar´s coffee production


Coffee with a Low Carbon Footprint

Paula and Samuel are partners both in life and in business that shares their passions for coffee. They are the leaders in the production of specialized coffees on their farm in Santa Elena in a town in the state of Antioquia called Ciudad Bolívar. This is a privileged location at the biological corridor of Citará in the Southwest region of Antioquia.

Samuel and Paula, share a common vision of professionalizing coffee production with a low carbon footprint. Samuel has been a leader in the research sector and has worked closely with governmental entities such as COLCIENCIAS and Ruta N seeking to bring science and technology to agricultural practices. On the other hand, Paula worked in the financial sector leading commercial teams and today both are dedicated to the pursuit of sustainable coffee production.

Their process is innovative and outstanding. Starting with the system of harvesting and then passing to the fermentation stage where they carefully design different fermentation processes to get impeccable characteristics. Afterward, the beans get to the process of sun drying at an exceptional solar house that enables them to highlight the notes of the beans with the controlled atmosphere in order to deliver natural and honey-processed beans. Once the coffee beans are ready, the storage and stabilization are as important as the other stages, they rest their beans for a period of time giving them the last touch of delicacy.

Santa Elena operates under the “cherry center” model in which their neighbors can deliver their harvested cherries and the team at Santa Elena can process them with their sustainable practices. This model allows Paula and Samuel to have control of the quality of the coffee beans and also benefits their neighbors.

Paula 20 Brix coffee is named after Paula Concha. It’s a naturally processed coffee that perfectly represents their innovative process that surpasses the traditional Colombian profile with the plus of fruity notes typical of the natural process. It is a good base for an espresso. Chocolatey and nutty cupping profile with plum, red wine, and oak tree flavors.

With this Coffee We Impact the following SDGs:

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Each kilo of coffee purchased contributes to saving 40 liters of water versus traditional washed coffee

E_SDG-goals_icons-individual-caturra-chiroso-those-coffee-people-coffee shop supplier

In comparison to the FNC buy rate, TCP pays 145% above fair market value

E_SDG_goals_icons-individual-caturra-chiroso-those-coffee-people-coffee shop supplier

Finca Santa Elena seeks to reduce inequalities through supporting inclusive careers for women


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