Red Bomb

by Those Coffee People

Cacao nibs with red fruits, blackberry and aromatics

Process: 120 hours of anaerobic fermentation 
Annual Production Capacity: 10,000 KGS 
Project Name: Invented by Proyecto Renacer and produced in partnership with Finca Las Brisas 
Town: Pereira 
Altitude: 1600 
Variety: Castillo, Caturra, Colombia 
Best Roast: Medium or Medium Dark roast 
Preparation Suggestion: Pour over method V60, Chemex, Kalita (Drip methods)Pereira

Why Choose this Coffee?

The name Red Bomb is given after the berries and cacao nib notes of this coffee. Therefore, Red Bomb is perfect for curious and experimental customers, who want to taste an exclusive fermented coffee. Also, the coffee has an 86 SCA score, meaning an excellent quality for outstanding from the specialty coffee market.

Special Farming Practices

Red Bomb is the result of a collaboration between Proyecto Renacer and Finca Las Brisas. It all started when Proyecto Renacer developed the special process of fermentation to create Red Bomb, the problem is that they didn´t have at the time the capacity to fully produced this new product, and the result? Finca Las Brisas. The farm had the capacity and the willingness to produce this fantastic coffee. Thus, Red Bomb is the outcome of coffeepreneurs that wanted to innovate in the fermentation processes.

Why Support the Farmer

The production of las Brisas works under the “cherry center model”, thus when you buy the coffee you help a whole community! Juan and Manuel work with their neighbors so they can deliver a perfect harvest of cherries.

Cacao + Berries = Red Bomb

In Proyecto Renacer we have a few main fermentation protocols including Red Bomb. Red Bomb is a washed double fermented coffee developed by Jonathan and Cristian Raigosa were, in brief, after selectively harvesting the cherries ferment, and then are depulped and put in a tank to undergo the anaerobic fermentation for 120 hours total between cherry and honey! Then they begin the washing process and dry on African beds. The name Red Bomb is given after the berries and cacao nib notes that give you a fruity and aromatic aftertaste.

Red Bomb - Las Brisas

Although Proyecto Renacer is the creator of Red Bomb, nowadays the coffee is produced at la Finca Las Brisas located in Pereria. La Brisas is a place where they have responsibility for the environment, the suppliers, and the quality of coffee. As a result, Red Bomb is a coffee with social and environmental sustainability under the premise of efficiency and quality.

Las Brisas was one of the first and old farms in the country to fully implement their EcoMill which, along with other initiatives, makes a reduction of the water needed to process. The machine has an unbeatable technology that it can use 99% less water than traditional processing methods. This community model helps economically and environmentally to both the coffee producers and Las Brisas because they have control of the quality of the coffee beans.

By purchasing from Las Brisas, we are directly impacting the UN Sustainable Development goal number 6 by reducing water usage, at the rate of 39 liters per kilo!

Proyecto Renacer has been developing coffee for over 6 years, in which they have really worked hard, to provide world-class fermentation protocols for extraordinary products. And with Las Brisas collab they outreach the wonderful production of Red Bomb.

Red Bomb- Las Brisas

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Each kilo of coffee purchased contributes to saving 39.6 liters of water versus traditional washed coffee

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In comparison to the FNC buy rate, TCP pays 31% above fair market value

Operate in a cherry center model where they minimize production risk, reduce production costs, and decrease monetization time by 30 days for their communities.


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