by Those Coffee People

Dark chocolate sugar cane & nutty​


  • Project: Antioquia community

  • Date to start cultivating specialty coffees: 1957

  • Altitude: 1.600 – 2.100

  • Variety: Castillo -Colombia
  • Process: Washed

  • Annual Production Capacity: 300.000 KG

  • Suggested Roast: Medium Dark roast
  • Preparation Suggestion:  Espresso and Milk based beverages 
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Why Choose Traditional?

The Antioquia origin coffee, with its delightful chocolatey, sugarcane, and nutty cupping profile, beautifully embodies the essence of Colombian Coffee. Named after the region in which it is hand harvested, Antioquia, this blend doesn’t originate from a single farm, ensuring consistent availability year-round. Offering exceptional quality, this coffee provides a truly satisfying experience, making it the ideal choice for those seeking a perfect balance between value and taste.

Special Farming Practices

Traditional Colombian coffee, albeit a traditional process is still executed with expert agronomic management and personalized quality assurance at every stage of coffee production. The commitment to excellence extends to 100% hand-collected beans, ensuring a truly exceptional coffee experience.

Why Support the Farmer

When you are buying Traditional coffee from Antioquia you encourage the development of the  community. Coffee is one of the biggest income generators and job producers in Antioquian Towns, and also it provides the opportunity of studying and evolution the agricultural sector of the towns.

Traditional and Curious

Colombian coffee beans embody the essence of Antioquia’s legendary hard-working mentality, renowned for its resilient “paisa” culture. Rooted in a spirit that triumphs over adversity, whether it be climate, infrastructure, or social challenges, this coffee represents the true essence of tradition and dedication.

Drinking traditional coffee you will feel the heart and soul of Antioquia through the distinctive notes of chocolate, sugarcane, and nuts that fill every cup. These traditional flavors reflect the rich heritage and unwavering determination of the paisa people, who pour their passion into every step of the coffee production process.

Embrace the heritage and taste of traditional Colombian coffee beans, as you savor the flavors that pay homage to the indomitable spirit of Antioquia’s hardworking culture. Each sip is a celebration of authenticity and a testament to the artistry behind these extraordinary coffee beans.

With this Coffee we Impact the Following SDGs:

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In comparison to the FNC buy rate, TCP pays 15% above fair market value

E_SDG_goals_icons-individual-caturra-chiroso-those-coffee-people-coffee shop supplier

Jorge William seeks to reduce inequalities through formal employment generation