We’ve taken many of the questions our customers ask us and answered them in this free ebook, to help you with your coffee buying journey.

Download Our Free IKAWA profiles Roasting Guide (For High Altitude Cities) 

TCP has created different coffee roasting curves to use in the IKAWA roasting machine. Please note that these roast profiles were created for higher altitude cities, and curves at sea level will require slightly longer development times and temperatures!

Green coffee buyers use the IKAWA as a method to evaluate micro samples of green coffee beans. This is especially beneficial when sampling exotic or highly specialized beans. Green coffee buyers can enjoy our guide as a baseline to create roasting curvest for cupping profiles, filter roasts, espresso roasts. Green coffee buyers will also be able to see the difference in roasting styles between washed, honey, natural, and fermented beans. 

Here’s What’s In Our Guide:

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