How to Import Green Arabica Coffee Beans into Oman

Updated November 28, 2023

In Muscat and other cities, there’s a growing number of third-wave coffee shops serving specialty coffee sourced from the finest estates around the world. 

Here at Those Coffee People, we’re extremely proud to currently be the only Colombian green coffee supplier to ship directly to Oman. Therefore, we’ve written this guide explaining how to import green arabica coffee beans into Oman. 

Finding a supplier

We like to say that buying a container of coffee is becoming almost as easy as shopping on Amazon. However, the supplier you choose to work with will determine how easy the process is. Therefore, here’s what to look for when choosing a coffee beans supplier in Oman:

  • Ask them for case studies of previous orders they’ve fulfilled for customers in Oman. And don’t just rely on their own words, ask for references you can contact.
  • Oman has specific regulations when it comes to the importation of food products, such as the eCustoms Services Portal, so ask the supplier to explain the process.
  • Knowledge of customer tastes in Oman when it comes to coffee can be a huge benefit as well, such as knowledge of the type of arabica beans traditionally used for Qahwa, so this is worth enquiring about.
  • Many coffee exporting countries (such as Colombia) do not permit growers to sell directly to overseas customers without export licenses. Therefore, ensure you’re dealing with an exporter who has the required permissions to fulfill the order.

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Arranging shipping

Unless you have knowledge of road haulage and shipping logistics within the country of origin of your coffee order, it’s best to let your Oman green coffee bean supplier manage this. 

Your chosen supplier should not only provide the best coffee, but they should also be experts at managing the supply chain.

When it comes to your options with shipping, the International Chamber of Commerce has established International Commercial Terms (Incoterms) that define the different options available. The two most common options are the following:

  • Ex Works (EXW) or Free on Board (FOB): This is when the buyer receives a price for goods that do not include any shipping costs.
  • Delivered at Place (DAP): This is when the seller includes both the costs of transport and is responsible for bringing the goods to a designated place of the buyer’s choosing.

Shipping costs

Your chosen supplier will usually add the shipping costs onto your invoice when calculating the total order cost. 

This will include the following:

  • Documentation (e.g. certificate of origin and phytosanitary certificate)
  • Loading and unloading fees
  • Domestic transportation in producing country 
  • Port and export taxes 
  • Export customs fees
  • Freight costs
  • Insurance 

And as the buyer you would be responsible for settling for the following costs: 

  • Import customs fees
  • Accreditation with the relevant Omani authorities

Oman coffee importation product labeling requirements

All coffee bean sacks need to be clearly labeled in English and Arabic with the following information in order to pass customs checks in Oman:

  • Country of Origin – بلد المنشأ
  • Name – اسم
  • Product Number – رقم المنتج
  • Net Weight (kg) – الوزن الصافي (كيلو)
  • Imported By – مستورد عن طريق
  • Manufacturer Name – اسم المصنع
  • Production Date – تاريخ الإنتاج
  • Expiration Date – تاريخ الانتهاء
  • HS Code – رمز النظام المنسق
  • Ingredients – مكونات  

Customs clearance declarations in Oman

In order for your green coffee to qualify for pre-clearance through Omani customs, your supplier needs to upload all the relevant information and documentation into the eCustoms Services Portal. This needs to be completed in the following section in the portal:

  • Permit Management > Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries – Department Plant Quarantine > Permit 0803 Import Permit for Plant Products

The following documents are then required to support the permit application:

  • Invoice 
  • Packing List 
  • Bill of Lading/ Airway Bill 
  • Health Certificate 
  • Phytosanitary Certificate 
  • Certificate of Origin 

Coffee import customs duties in Oman

As of July 2020, there are no customs duties due on coffee imports into Oman.

VAT/sales tax on coffee sales in Oman

As of July 2020, there is no VAT/sales tax due on coffee sales in Oman.

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Here at Those Coffee People, we’re experts in sourcing the finest direct trade Colombian green coffee beans. We venture off into remote areas of Colombia’s beautiful coffee regions to search for new and exclusive offers, exploring the country town by town to identify the most unique and desirable origins for you and your customers.

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