Discover the farms and meet the producers who grow some of the best green coffee beans Colombia has to offer

Medellin’s Epicenter of Specialty Coffee Development

Imagine going to France without touring a vineyard, that would be crazy, right? The same can be said for going to Medellin without seeing La Fabrica and experiencing the best of Medellin’s specialty coffee. 


The La Fabrica Specialty Coffee Tour


During your coffee experience, you can expect to

  • See coffee transform from parchment to green beans
  • Smell freshly roasted coffee pour out of a specialty coffee roaster
  • Taste a difference in flavors of coffee you could have never imagined
  • Make your own perfect cups of coffee from diverse methods
  • Enjoy our sunny terrace and sip a cold drink
  • Be able to say you went to the Creative District before it became famous!



Green Coffee | Large Subscription

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Product Details

You will receive 50 KG/110 LBS of direct trade specialty Colombian green coffee based on your choice on delivery frequency

During your subscription, you will get the opportunity to try our whole portfolio!

Throughout a one-year subscription with monthly delivery, you can expect to receive the following extraordinary coffees:

    • 25% Exotic Variety Coffees 87-90+ Points
    • 16.7% Exotic Fermentation Process 88+ Points
    • 25% Anaerobic Fermentation 86+ Points
    • 8.3% Natural Process 86 Points
    • 8.3% Honey Process 86 Points
    • 8.3% Premium Washed Process 84 Point
    • 8.3% Traditional Washed Process 82 Points

  • Terms and conditions

  • TCP Subscription free shipping service is available for the United States and Canada only.
  • Once you subscribe on the web page the first month is billed, afterwards, we will send you a link for a recurrent payment.
  • The payments will be debited from the credit card following the delivered frequency ( Monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly).
  • All specifications are subject to change without notice
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