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$4.09 / LB | Tropical Summer 86 Points | 170 Hour Ext. Fermentation

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Product Details

Tasting Notes: A fruity coffee with a creamy body. Notes of cocoa, tropical fruits, and caramel. Full details on Tropical Summer here.

170 Hour lactic fermentation process in honey.

Product Details

  • Net weight 29.5 KGS / 65 LBS
  • Gross weight 30 KGS / 66 LBS

Price Breakdown 1-3 bags

  • Per KG $9
  • Per US LB $4.09

Price Breakdown 4+ bags

  • Per KG $8.64
  • Per US LB $3.93

Shipping costs are determined by the total order size. Individual sack shipments incur higher costs compared to larger orders (such as 2 sacks).

We specialize in wholesale but cater to various order sizes, starting from just 1 sack. For different bag sizes or quantities, kindly reach out to us at jennifer@thosecoffeepeople.com.

Rest assured, all our coffee is fresh from the recent harvest, ensuring premium quality and flavor. Preparation and packaging may take up to 10 business days, with FedEx shipping usually taking 2-5 days in transit. In most cases, delivery times are even shorter.

All purchases made in accordance with the terms and conditions found at www.thosecoffeepeople.com/policies

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