Guided Cupping Sessions

Book a Private Cupping Session in Medellín

Experience the ultimate coffee-tasting session in Medellin at Those Coffee People’s offices! In just 90 minutes, our professional Quality Team will guide you through the cupping process, allowing you to learn about the quality, cleanness, sweetness, acidity, balance, and aftertaste of different coffees. Our team, including English and Spanish-speaking members, will be on hand to answer any questions and provide a personalized experience tailored to your needs.

Whether you’re a green coffee buyer, roaster, quality control specialist, barista, or just a coffee enthusiast, this cupping session is perfect for you. You’ll have the opportunity to taste up to 4+ coffees, and if you want to taste anything in specific, just send us a request.

Enhance your coffee knowledge and taste buds with our Specialty Coffee Cupping!

Available in both Spanish or English



English Coffee Cupping / Tasting

This session will be guided by our quality team and one of our English-speaking members, in this way you will have TCP professionals available to you!

75 USD- 90 minutes session



Catación en Español

Esta sesión, será guiada por nuestro equipo de calidad, de esta forma tendrá a su disposición profesionales de TCP!

75 USD- sesión de 90 minutos

One of the benefits of attending our cupping session is that you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions and learn from experienced coffee professionals. They can share their knowledge of the coffee industry and provide insights into the sourcing, roasting, and brewing of coffee.

It´s a great activity to do during your visit to Medellín. You’ll have the chance to meet other coffee enthusiasts and exchange ideas and opinions about your favorite beans and brewing methods.