White Label Coffee Supplier

Looking for a White Label Coffee Supplier?

Looking for a White Label Coffee Supplier?

You’ve come to the right place. At Those Coffee People we have been exporting sustainable direct trade specialty coffee for the better part of the past decade. Join us, and together lets make your story extraordinary! 

Low minimum orders and a wide range of qualities and processes to choose from.

Get custom advise on the best choice of coffee beans for your brand!

No hassle packing options, no minimum orders, and full customization! 

All of our coffee

Coffee Roasting and Fulfillment Process

Coffee Roasted Freshly Upon Order Process
roasted coffee minimum order sizes

Coffee Roasting and Fulfillment Process

All of our coffee is freshly roasted upon order. Once you place your order our process takes just a few business days to roast and package your coffee and an additional 2-4 days in transit with FedEx, directly to your door!

For our white label, or private label clients, we have a minimum order of 10 kilos / 22 lbs for every coffee or roast level. This equals one minimum batch size in our small batch coffee roaster. For the best shipping prices, it is advised to take 50 kilos, 110 lbs per order. 

For your peace of mind, we take care of all the logistics and importation, and we are an FDA-registered food facility. 

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Focus on building your coffee brand while we take care of the rest!

When starting your white label coffee band it’s essential to keep in mind the activities to focus on to build a successful brand. Possibly the most important: your target market. How are you going to convince people to switch from whatever it is they’re drinking now, to your brand? 

Additionally, keep in mind the following activities:

  1. Market Research: Map the roasting profile preferences of your potential buyers – light, medium, dark, or a mix?
  2. Special Processes: Explore the possibility of stocking specially processed coffees to cater to connoisseur customers, considering premium varieties like Geisha or Wush Wush for those willing to splurge.
  3. Single Origin or Sustainable Preferences: As a white label coffee business, the choice lies between selling single-origin varieties or crafting signature blends from different coffees. You can also choose what sustainability initiatives you wish to support with your choice of coffees.


One significant benefit of venturing into white label coffee sales is the ability to repackage and present the product as your own. However, this transformation necessitates thoughtful branding decisions, including considerations for custom labels on your coffee packaging. Aligning this with a robust marketing strategy is imperative for the sustained success of your coffee business. Cutting corners in this aspect is strongly advised against. Read more on creating a white label, or private label, coffee brand here

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How to Get Started With A White Label Coffee Order

Verify what coffee is the perfect match for your clients. Click to order roasted coffee samples to get started!

Customize Your White Label Coffee Order

Once you have confirmed the type of coffee you want for your brand, we will start defining the details of your coffee!

  • Bag Size: 9 oz, 12 oz, 16oz, 5lb. Want to do a combo of a few of these? Book a call with one of our coffee people to create your custom order.
  • Bag Color: Black, White, and Kraft Brown. Although there are more options that can be custom ordered upon special request.
  • Roasting Profile: Light, Medium, Medium- Dark, Dark.
  • Custom Label. Send us your design and complete your custom packaging!
P.S. Ask about our subscription program so you can save money and don’t have to order each time you run out of stock!!

Still in the planning stages? Book a consultation to help take your idea off the ground!

Do you have questions about sourcing or exporting coffee from Colombia? About what it takes to start your own coffee brand successfully? 
Our founder, Jennifer, will be available to summarize their years of experience and answer all your questions regarding sourcing, pricing, logistics, management, documentation, and licensing when it comes to sourcing or exporting Colombian coffee. As well as all the key pieces of advice to start and maintain a successful white-labeled coffee brand