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Tasting Notes: Chocolate, sugarcane, citrus fruits, and notes of almonds. Find out more deails about our Ciudad Bolivar Here

Shipping costs: are determined by the total order size at check out. Expect higher shipping costs per bag at smaller total order sizes.

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Lead Time: all our coffee is roasted fresh to order, ensuring premium quality and flavor. Roasting and packaging may take up to 10 business days, with FedEx shipping usually taking 2-5 days in transit. In most cases, delivery times are even shorter.

Global Shipping: Our website may calculate shipping costs to countries other than USA & Canada incorrectly (too expensive). For shipping to countries other than USA & Canada please email for better shipping rates.

Bag Color and Type: Anyone may request this however choices are only guaranteed for bulk pricing orders. For orders less than the smallest bulk pricing order, we may not be able to accommodate any special requests.

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