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The coffee market is enormous. Last year, the world exported 10 billion kilos of coffee, and about 7% of that came from Colombia. However, this amount is mostly commercial coffee.

Speaking specifically on the specialty coffee market, specialty coffee is differentiated products with premium qualities and more responsible production methods. The segment grows between 12 and 15% in comparison to the estimated 5% growth of the general coffee market. 

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Is It A Good Idea To Open A Coffee Business In My Area?


Before you decide to open a café or a coffee distribution center, you need to understand why is it or isn’t a good idea, depending where you are located, possible clients and their needs, to do it.

Who Should I Work With?


Having a café or a green coffee distribution center demands a lot of work, you can’t do everything and you need to identify the activities you’ll need help with and then how to select the right allies.

What Coffee Is Your Target Market Really Looking For?


Are your clients looking for the best value for money? Are they looking for a good story or experience behind it? Are they willing to pay a premium for coffee that was sustainably grown and sourced?  

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